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August 04, 2006

From the Top to the Bottom

On of our readers commented that Floyd has posted a statement on his blog this afternoon. Floyd ask us to, "keep the faith" and continues on to tell his side of the story.

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Tracked on Aug 5, 2006 1:23:45 AM


I just found this on Wikipedia:


WTF. Why is FL mentioned in the Wiki definition of Epitestosterone? Holy shi*.

This situation is out of control. I wish, mostly for the sake of the sport, that Landis would have said from the beginning that he was very concerned with the A sample results and was awaiting the B sample results before commenting any further other than to say that he had taken no PEDs in his career as a pro cyclist.

Neat and clean, and very grounded given the myriad of possible reasons behind the positive A sample. Instead, the media has quite nearly crucified FL. Quite nearly.

Posted by: matthew at Aug 4, 2006 11:46:49 PM

I'm glad he posted this statement. It confirms and affirms things that have been running through my mind all week, in terms of how this unfolded and how Floyd has been navigating his way through it. Given what may happen just a few hours from now, I'm glad to see he's getting his head together about it. From the start, and to this day, I just keep coming back to one simple thing - Floyd the man. Cheating would just be so beside the point for him.

Posted by: Julie at Aug 5, 2006 12:03:03 AM

come on here - lets get a bit real about all this - do you really think landis is stupid enough to think that gee - this one day - they wont check - i wont be found out - it wont show up - does that sound in anyway reasonable to anyone out there?????

Posted by: java at Aug 5, 2006 8:02:05 AM

It sounds a hell of a lot more reasonable (more likely that he goofed on that one day, somehow) than any of the explanations he's come up with.

My first reaction when this story broke was 'Say it ain't so, Floyd.'

On second thought, he'd have been better off not saying much of anything these past 2 weeks.

Posted by: noelle at Aug 5, 2006 9:36:49 AM

goofed on one day?? well - i find this all to be pretty darn difficult to reason my way thru - ya sure - he was the only one - ya sure - he took something figuring they would not test the sample - ya sure - no one would find out - i am sorry - but i just cant see it - no way - you are right - he should have kept his mouth shut - but then - all the reasons - hummmm - maybe he was as amazed as the rest of us - maybe it was the coffee..........

Posted by: java at Aug 5, 2006 10:12:39 AM

It still isn't fully clear what was verified by the lab's B sample test. The T/E ratio was confirmed as elevated again, but how about the synthetic testosterone? Was that ever confirmed on the A sample or is this still in the rumor mill; also, if confirmed, was it also confirmed on B.

The difference between synthetic and natural is amazingly slim. If the difference of 0.02% of an isotope ratio can really be analyzed on a sample containing only micrograms of a substance I gotta hand it to them for some powerful analytic technique. This will of course merely create a market for natural human derived testosterone. This is a problem for a chemist and chemical engineer to solve; how to take thousands of gallons of human urine and extract the fully human testosterone and epitestosterone excreted. Other than comming up with a reliable source of unjuiced urine witihout raising suspicion, perhaps hijacking the plumbing at a baseball park (the fans not the players!), the process is relatively simple.

Posted by: nevins at Aug 5, 2006 3:09:35 PM

Will Rogers once said, "When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging." Seems like good advice for Floyd Landis to follow as he seems to be digging himself in pretty deep with all the alibis he and his physician have conjured up since the positive drug test was announced: i.e. ingesting something that raised his testosterone, cortisone shots for pain in his degenerating hip, drinking beer and whiskey the night before the test, thyroid medication, his natural metabolism and dehydration, etc. etc. How does any of this grasping at the air explain the presence of 'synthetic' testosterone in his blood?

Posted by: David at Aug 13, 2006 1:46:54 PM