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December 21, 2006

Landaluze cleared for LNDD error; hope for Landis?

Eurosport | Landis optimistic after Landaluze case

The Court of Arbitration of Sport yesterday rejected a final appeal by the UCI to sanction Inigo Landaluze for a postive testosterone case, citing malfeasance by the same lab that in July tested Tour de France winner Floyd Landis.

Inigo Landaluze, who won the 2005 Dauphiné Libéré for Euskaltel-Euskadi, was suspended for tests performed during that race. In May 2006, the Spanish cycling federation overturned the suspension (saying it was "not in accordance with all applicable legal requirements"), and the UCI appealed to the CAS.

Here's the CAS press release, but the nut graf is:

It has been indeed established that the person who conducted the analysis of the B sample was also involved in analysis of the A sample, thus in violation of the international standard applicable to the accredited laboratories. The Panel considered that the violation of this technical direction was likely to affect the results of the analyses. The Panel has considered that the non-compliance with this standard constituted a procedural flaw serious enough to cause the invalidation of the anti-doping test.

That's at the same Labaratoire National de Dopistage du Dopage (LNDD) at Chatenay-Malabry that committed a boatload of procedural errors in the Landis case.

I'll give Floyd himself the last word:

Going through what I am now, I feel personally for Landaluze and hope that everyone recognizes that it has taken him 18 difficult months to clear his name from what was revealed to be a grievous error by the LNDD ... The track record of scientific misconduct at Chatenay-Malabry seems to grow by the day.

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Someone tell the French that King Charlemagne is not there anymore. He went the way of most French high society - to England then to the United States. It seems he wanted to amount to something other than King of Nowhere, so he ventured to the land of the thinkers and doers. Chirac would do the same if the US would just OK his passport. But we won't until the cowardly Vichy's get the hell off Floyd Landis' back. Tell 'em for us, will ya?

Posted by: reeves at Dec 21, 2006 6:59:43 PM

Ooooh ! isn't it sweet... Floyd "goody two-cycling shoes" Landis may get off the hook on a technicality. Wouldn't that be great ? But wait, don't count your chickens yet reeves, you French History expert , february 8th is coming, let's see if Floyd's BS boat is watertight.

Posted by: Francois Chicoree at Jan 21, 2007 12:30:35 AM