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February 08, 2007

Landis wins delay of AFLD hearing

SI.com | Anti-doping agency delays Landis decision

Landis at FFF fundraiser in BrooklynFloyd Landis, facing doping hearings from both the US Anti-Doping Agency and the French equivalent, AFLD, traded a promise not to race in France this year for a 4-month delay in the French hearing.

Landis faces a 2-year suspension from racing if he cannot explain a urine test that found an elevated testosterone-to-epitestosterone during the 2006 Tour de France, which Landis won. The AFLD will revisit the Landis case in late June, after the USADA hearing, which is now scheduled to begin May 14th.

It seems a small concession from Landis, who has no team contract and can't race until the USADA decision, but his statement specifically rules out any chance he will race in the 2007 Tour de France.

"He understood perfectly that if he didn't act today, we would start the procedure immediately," [AFLD president Pierre] Bordry said. "We will let Landis defend himself as he wishes before the USADA."

Photo by Flickr user Blind Robert, from a Floyd Fairness Fund fundraiser at Brooklyn Brewery last night. Click through for more.


IHT.com | Cycling: Landis will skip Tour de France

TrustButVerify | Thursday Roundup

Includes a translation of the full AFLD statement.

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Landis and his beehive full of lawyers are now taking his pathetic case to the American soil where big money makes regularly a mockery of the sport, business, politic or criminal justice system. Let me remind you all that like in the Kyoto protocol for the environment or the International Criminal Court for universal justice or the Mine Ban Treaty for the ban of anti-personnel mines, the US has refused to ratify the WADA Antidoping code; that speaks volume about why Floyd "goody 2 cycling shoes" Landis wants so bad for his case to be judged first here in the good US of A where the justice system has been SOOoooo hard and SOOoooooo quick on sentencing sports dopeheads.
It reminds me of these US soldiers guilty of some of the worse exactions abroad who cannot be brought to justice by the countries where they commited their crimes.
It seems however that the USADA has asked the (bad and ugly) French lab to conduct some highly technical tests on 5 of the B samples of the "clean" A sample of Mr Landis (MRSI to look for exogenous testosterone), a request that triggered an immediate ire by Landis and his possy of sharks, crying foul and saying that it was illegal... so I still think there is some hope to see this comedy come to its rightful end. Even if Landis will never admit that he doped.
Anyway, fortunately the USADA decision won't affect the AFLD procedure. So even if he's found not guilty here, he still face another round there and in the meantime, thank God, we won't see him in the peloton this year.

Posted by: Francois Chicoree at Feb 14, 2007 3:28:34 AM

Francois Chicoree sounds just like all the other French losers who can do nothing but whine over spilt wine because the Americans are kicking their ass in THEIR national sport. Francois and the other whiners like him...and I DON'T mean all of the French people by ANY means...should just get over it and move on. Maybe he could spend some time commenting on the French cycling team that dumped Lance when he came down with cancer...taking away from him, among other stuff, his medical benefits. No, I don't remember the team's name...not worth the trouble. I'm sure Francois knows who they are.

Posted by: Kelley at Feb 19, 2007 4:54:59 PM