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March 26, 2007

Some other racers I'm following

Team Bike Hugger

Team Bike HuggerI know some of you will remember I'm involved with Bike Hugger, a Hugger Industries site that tries to embrace all things bicycle, including bike commuting, bike travel, bike culture, and even racing.

But in keeping with the all-inclusive nature of the site, we wanted to get involved with citizen racing, people who race for the love of it, and arrange their lives to support their racing habits. So we hooked up with some very dedicated women in the Pacific Northwest, who just competed at the Redlands Classic, and who are blogging about their season over at Team.Bikehugger.com. If you've ever considered racing yourself, check it out.

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Hi, Here's a start on your suggested blog idea/questions:


Didn't cover everything, but I figured this could be a start & I can blog more info (in shorter posts) in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for the suggestion. And thank you for following the team in Redlands. :)

Posted by: Patria Lanfranchi at Apr 10, 2007 12:26:01 PM