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June 13, 2007

Cipollini gets Punk'd

Mario “The Lion King” Cipollini was set up a few years ago, in every cyclist's worst nightmare. During a training ride, he's stopped and told his house was broken into and his bikes stolen. Then, before he can get home, a crappy mobile home passes by, with two of his bikes strapped to the back. You don't need to know Italian to enjoy what comes next...

(Via Velochimp).

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Nice to see that old Mario Sprint!

Posted by: pelotonjim at Jun 13, 2007 7:12:42 AM

When I was 15 I made the commitment to become a professional Cyclist, I know I was good as winning and the desire to train came easily, A bomb shell hit me, my coach at the time said this "if ever you have to take drugs give up", wow never did I think this was a choice I would have to make and thought he was mad because my life and the fiends in cycling I had were so pure and innocent and I could not believe what he was saying, I grew up in Noting hill and I wanted to be different from my piers so I committed to my life as a pro and went to live in Italy at the age of 17, I did very well in my first year and was treated like a champion, but then my Italian manager dropped a bomb shell yet again he said “the team really needed the win that was eluding me”, every race I rode I was in the top 10 and at best had 2nd placings and I beat many future famous professionals etc. I thought what I was achieving was great, considering the team was having the best results ever because of me. I was so shocked because I trusted this Man, After huge a argument we never discussed the issue again, on my return to London during the winter my best friend died of a drug related cause he was only 16 and he was living the street and bohemian life I had left behind, This Incident made me even more committed to my ambition. the following year I went back to Italy and Won my 1st race of the season the 3rd or second race I won by default, I used to look in these guys eyes and still remember now, and now realize they were all on something it was obvious, riders I thought were going to be huge burnt out because they had become junkies. After racing in Italy, France, Belgium, USA and Spain, The answer became simple I was not leaving anything behind in Notting Hill, In fact it was worse, Some cyclists were Junkies and in Belgium some were living in slums just like a smack addict would in the film train spotting, The issue of performance enhancing drugs destroyed my dream, I’m so happy the cheats are being caught because they are idiots, damaging there health is the main issue but taking away some ones innocence is worse, Long Live the Tour may the best man win. Here’s to the future champions that will never have to face the old truth and Mafia style drug culture that lived in the sport for decades. Max Dylan Reeve

Posted by: Max Dylan Reeve at Jul 25, 2007 6:49:24 PM