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June 13, 2007

Versus releases '07 US Tour schedule

Versus | Versus gives viewers all-access pass to the 2007 Tour de France

Versus continues its tradition of heavy Tour de France coverage, with an average of 17 hours per day of Tour coverage. As in previous years, they'll join the race at 8:30 a.m. Eastern most days, with coverage as early as 6:30 a.m. Eastern for key mountain stages.

Looks like the same broadcast team, too: Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen doing live coverage; Bob Roll and Al ("Average American Sports Fan") Trautwig hosting the prime-time reruns; and Craig Hummer, Frankie Andreu, and Robbie Ventura providing color and features reporting.

It looks like Sunday coverage is improved -- I seem to remember that CBS had rights to Sunday stages, trumping Versus live coverage, and limiting them to evening reruns. This year, Versus will run the live coverage on Sunday mornings, skip the Sunday afternoon show that might conflict with CBS Sports, then rerun the footage during the prime-time show at 8 Eastern.

Here's the full US schedule.

Posted by Frank Steele on June 13, 2007 in Television, Tour de France 2007 | Permalink


Um, where have you been?

OLN has been airing live Sunday broadcasts for several years now!!!!!!!!

Posted by: John at Jun 13, 2007 7:55:00 PM

I've been glued to my set, but I guess it's going to take a few years to remove my bile at all the years that CBS kept me from seeing live Sunday Tour stages.

Posted by: Frank at Jun 13, 2007 9:10:16 PM

When are we going to be able to purchase stages from the iTunes store? Can't they get their act together and do this? I am away on vacation for a portion of the TDF at hotels that don't carry Versus and I need an alternative. Same goes for the other Grand Tours and Classics. Streaming from CyclingTV stinks.

Posted by: P Bousquet at Jun 14, 2007 6:37:25 AM

Most importantly, we need more Bob Roll... More Bobke, please???????

Posted by: Jeff at Jun 21, 2007 6:25:37 PM

More Bob Roll??

Please...Let Phil and Paul do the talking. If its necessary, Bob can continue to provide the color
and commercials. Better yet, assign Bob to ride the route following the riders each day.

Posted by: john rutherford at Jun 25, 2007 9:07:22 PM

Anyone know if Versus will be streaming the race live online and if so will be it available to those outside of the U.S. Other places to watch the tour online? I need my fix...

Posted by: BL at Jul 5, 2007 7:22:51 PM

Anyone besides me noticed the complete lack of up-to-the-start tour preview shows on Versus this year?

Anything would have been great... perhaps a showing of current tour favorites, or up and coming riders, anything really to get the pre-tour juices flowing?


Posted by: Josh at Jul 6, 2007 2:45:35 PM