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July 12, 2007

Kessler facing 2-year suspension after "B" sample positive

Yahoo! Eurosport | Tour de France - Kessler facing the abyss

Astana's Matthias Kessler, who won a stage of last year's Tour, looks likely to be suspended for 2 years for a high testosterone-to-epitestosterone level.

That's the same test that implicated 2006 Tour winner Floyd Landis, although Kessler, tested out of competition in April, had a ratio about 8 times as high as Landis. LNDD claims Landis' T-E ratio was around 11:1, while Kessler's was around 85:1.

Yahoo! Eurosport quotes a biochemistry professor:

"...a natural level of over 15 to 20 is impossible according to studies carried out so far."

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