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July 12, 2007

Pez interviews the podium girls

Stage 1 Yellow Jersey
Stage 1 Yellow Jersey,
originally uploaded by Brian@HurstGreen.

PezCycling News | Tour de PEZ: Meet The Podium Girls!

PezCycling News got to spend some time with some of the Tour's very visible hostesses, the women who award each jersey, appear at rider sign-in each morning, offer a ceremonial kiss to the jersey winner, and often do caravan duty and meet-and-greets in the finishing city.

The two subjects Pez spent the most time with award the “most combative rider” award for each day, which today was Sylvain Chavanel.

This USA Today story from 2004 explains the hierarchy of the podium women, from the elegant runway-model yellow jersey presenters, to the wilder PMU presenters, who also dance on caravan vehicles.

Kind of makes me nostalgic for the Podium Girl Gone Bad diary (which was collected and augmented for a book available here).

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