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July 07, 2007

Robert Millar found, now a woman

Guardian Unlimited | Cycling: In search of Scotland's unsocial climber who conquered mountains and then fell off the map

Daily Mail | Britain's vanished Tour de France champion reappears - as a woman

I first started following bike racing in college, when Greg LeMond, who had raced in the local criterium a few years before, was putting together a string of victories in the World Championships and the Tour de France. His staunchest lieutenant, while riding for the “Z” team as the '90s dawned, was a tiny Scot named Robert Millar.

Millar won a monster Pyrenean Tour stage in 1983, at 23, to Pau, and won the King of the Mountains title (4th overall) in 1984, the only native English-speaker to do so. He would eventually win 3 Tour stages, all monsters, and 7 Grand Tour stages. Many believe that a coalition of riders and race officials unfairly prevented him from winning the 1985 Vuelta.

A BBC page suggests he may be the greatest Scottish athlete to date, but noted:

Millar's whereabouts are unknown. Bilsland describes him as leading a reclusive lifestyle far from the world of cycling and admits he is not even sure what country he now lives in. In 2003, he was awarded with one of only 14 places on the Scottish Sports Hall of Fame but was nowhere to be seen at the awards ceremony.

The mystery of Robert Millar is such that a current British biography, released in June, was unable to find the rider, and was prepared with only e-mail participation from the principal. The book is called In Search of Robert Millar.

Now, the Daily Mail reports that Millar has been found, living in Dorset as a woman, who refuses to discuss her former life.


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Who cares - if (s)he's happy then good luck... Scotland still loves her....

Posted by: Steve Scott at Jul 7, 2007 8:06:29 PM

Has anyone got live audio working on a Mac this year?

Posted by: at Jul 8, 2007 8:37:03 AM

Robert Miller is NOT living as a woman. This story is sadly typical of the lies that the tabloid press make up as stories.

Posted by: Red Cardinal at Nov 20, 2009 7:03:49 AM