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July 31, 2007

Sinkewitz admits testosterone use, fired by T-Mobile

BBC SPORT | Sinkewitz fired after confession

T-Mobile's Patrik Sinkewitz admitted he used testosterone gel in training, and asked that his B-sample not be tested.

“It was a big mistake and irresponsible toward my team, colleagues, the sponsor and the whole of cycling,” he admitted.

Sinkewitz, 26, said he had used the gel on his upper arm “without thinking, or simply in great stupidity, on the evening before the doping test.”

Sinkewitz added: “I could have achieved my performance without (drugs),” and pledged to help bring about "a new cycling without doping" in future.

T-Mobile has fired Sinkewitz, who withdrew from the Tour after hitting a spectator and suffering major facial injuries.

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Well, it was indeed stupid of Sinkewitz to have used the gel, in his position, but at least he owned up to it once he was caught, and didn't try to drag everyone through a protracted legal case.

Posted by: Brian Tung at Jul 31, 2007 6:34:52 PM

And now there are rumors and apparently evidence that Contador dopes, which puts the whole Disco squad under suspicion. *sigh*

Posted by: Fritz at Jul 31, 2007 7:14:14 PM

While Landis is getting standing ovations on his book tour, I'd like to raise a few points. If you'll recall, Patrik Sinkewitz was the last guy Landis dropped during the stage Landis tested positive for testosterone himself. Remember how cycling "experts" like Bob Roll said there is no benefit from taking testosterone. Well, we have two riders from this year's Tour who have 'fessed up without pointing fingers. Landis rode for one of the dirtiest teams ever yet he's gone to great lengths to prove his innocence. It's puzzling.

Secondly, Sinkewitz was tested in early June and the "positive" announcment was made a full month later to spoil the Tour's limelight. There is no reason it should take a month to release the results especially since the guy had already abandoned the race. The UCI is no friend to cycling and in the light of other news, it's no wonder ASO has had enough of them.

Posted by: steephill at Aug 1, 2007 12:51:14 AM

The evidence against Contador, which hopefully doesn't pan out, is in regards to before he was with Discovery. I wouldn't immediately cast the entire squad in the pits before more info becomes available.

Posted by: Gunnar at Aug 1, 2007 7:43:19 AM