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July 13, 2007

T-Mobile recruiting more US riders for 2008

New York Times | T-Mobile Sees a Chance To Lure American Riders

With Bob Stapleton running the team, T-Mobile is poised to hire more American riders for next season.

Stapleton told the New York Times that current US Pro champion George Hincapie is one target:

“You’ll see us focus a lot more on North America in the coming years,” Stapleton said. “T-Mobile is a top U.S. brand, and we want to be sure we put the brand in front of the U.S. audience.”

You've got to wonder if the shift in focus also results from animosity toward cycling in Germany, where a major daily is ignoring the Tour this year, and funding for the '07 World Championships is threatened (Recent Der Spiegel headline: The Tour de France has begun, but does anybody really care?).

The article also mentions unnamed “younger Americans whose names are not widely known outside cycling.” If you're Stapleton, what young Americans would you be after? They've already signed Aaron Olson. Who else? Tom Danielson? Danny Pate? Craig Lewis?

Put another way, who will be the next American to ride the Tour for the first time?

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