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July 24, 2007

T-Mobile to review sponsorship after Tour

Bloomberg.com | T-Mobile May Terminate Cycling Sponsorship Early

T-Mobile is considering ending its sponsorship of the T-Mobile team, the biggest sponsorship in the sport at about $18 million.

The contract runs through 2010, but Patrik Sinkewitz's positive for testosterone may cause the telecom giant to withdraw from the sport.

Sinkewitz's B-sample is scheduled to be tested on July 31, with the results to be released as soon as that day.


rad-net.de | Sinkewitz: Öffnung der B-Probe am 31.07.2007 (in German)

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This would be a huge loss. Absolutely huge. But I think asking a sponsor to continue to look the other way, while members of the team dope is a corporate nightmare.

I think though banning positive athletes for five years, and I mean an absolute ban, like they aren't allowed to consult, train with any team, present, commentate, or be allowed on the grounds of any ICU, Olympic committee, national team, world Championship, any bike race of any sort, etc grounds, so essentially the athlete's career is over for those five years, might get across to everyone involved, THERE WILL BE NO DOPING. NONE. ZERO TOLERANCE, because this sport is losing fans, money and sponsors so fast, there might not be a sport left.

I am just sick at watching this

Posted by: Lisa at Jul 25, 2007 9:42:56 AM