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September 28, 2007

Leipheimer, Contador to join Bruyneel at Astana?

Deseret Morning News | Levi's not blue: Utah's Leipheimer relaxing after big cycling season

Anybody need a team leader?In an interview with Levi Leipheimer in today's edition, Salt Lake City's Deseret Morning News reports that Leipheimer and Alberto Contador will follow Johan Bruyneel over to the Astana squad, along with Tomas Vaitkus and former Liberty Seguros and Astana rider Sergio Paulinho.

Leipheimer refused to comment on his next team, but said, “I'm not really a free agent ... We just can't say anything yet, but I'm not really on the market anymore.”

Astana suffered through drug scandal after drug scandal in 2007. They may see Bruyneel, whose teams have escaped any significant positive tests, as a chance to make a new start for 2008.

In other Disco news, George Hincapie has formally announced his 2-year contract with T-Mobile.


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with the positive test of rasmussen...all i am waiting for is the possible positive test from contador.

why? contador on operation puerto list but acquitted? how relaxed (almost permissive) the spanish authorities are on doping. contador now on astana whose this year was HEAVILY into doping and the superhuman battle between him and rasmussen on the 2007 tour de france mountains? what do you think?

does anyone truly believe that astana will be cleaned up in 2008 even with bruyneel on board?

i am HIGHLY suspect of contador and any of his achievements without the aid of pharmaceuticals. my observations and opinions only...my disclaimer.

Posted by: jason at Oct 8, 2007 11:16:54 PM