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April 21, 2008

Following the 2008 Tour de Georgia from your desktop

Juan José Haedo @ 2006 TdG

Haedo's a favorite on Monday
Originally uploaded by Frank Steele.

I'll update this TdGblog.com post as the TdG progresses, and I find new sources.

The primary online resource I'll be tracking is the Tour de Georgia Live Tracker, created by Adobe, which looks like it will incorporate the VeloNews live text feed, and adds a chat room feature beyond its basic leader, breakaway and course-tracking.

Some video is likely to be available on the Live Tracker, and US viewers can also watch the race live on WCSN.com.

It's still worth checking in at the VeloNews live ticker, as they're likely to splice in photos from the course as things develop. CyclingNews should also have their Live Ticker running.

I'll be posting commentary as stages develop on Twitter, at twitter.com/TdFblog/. Ken Conley will also be Twittering and photographing from the course.

I'll be aggregating anything I find interesting at my Tour de Georgia weblog. If you're photographing the race and using Flickr, please tag your photos “tourdegeorgia” (and please e-mail me or post a comment if you're posting race coverage or photos elsewhere). I expect Medalist Sports will also be posting pics to its “tourtracker” Flickr account once things get underway.

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