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July 04, 2008

Google brings Street View to entire Tour route

Google Maps - Tour de France 2008

Google is taking Street View on the road.

The 3D panorama view for Google Maps is already available in dozens of US cities, allowing you to fly through stitched-together photos of San Francisco's Lombard Street, Broadway, or Ocean Drive in South Beach, Miami.

Now, Google is taking the tech outside the United States for the first time, offering Street View for not just the cosmopolitan parts of this year's Tour, but the entire route, from start to finish. Combined with a Google Maps .kml file of the route, you can fly through the entire route, viewing photos of any spot on the course at any time.

There's also an official introduction video on YouTube.


Google Earth Blog

Google Sightseeing | Tour de Street View

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Do you know Bikemap? All stages are online there, and with the code generator (below each map) you can easily embed those maps in you blog. Even with the interactive profile for single routes.

Posted by: Bodenseepeter at Jul 4, 2008 2:03:57 PM