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July 08, 2008

Vaughters works blue in the Garmin-Chipotle car

One of my favorite micro-moments of today's Versus coverage was when Jonathan Vaughters, chatting with Robbie Ventura as they followed David Millar around the TT course and unaware that Versus had cut back to the car, responded to Ventura's “How's this going for you?” with, “F---, man...”

And it was the exact right response, not the angry version of the word, but the “I don't know, man, that is some heavy stuff...” version.

Ventura jumped back in after a brief pause for shock.

Vaughters apologized via Twitter (how Web 2.0 is that?): “Sorry to all the parents out there. It was just really intense today... JV.”

It was somewhat ironic, because Vaughters was displaying a very soothing, positive vibe in his encouragement to Millar. I was thinking what a far cry from “Venga! Venga! Venga!” shouted out the car window...


re: Cycling | Stage 4: Your Phil Liggett Quote of the Day

Update: re: Cycling has found YouTube video of the footage. Watch Ventura's face.

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They'll edit it out of tonight's 'enhanced' coverage, naturally.

Posted by: noelle at Jul 8, 2008 4:10:22 PM

I heard that too. I was cracking up seeing Robbie Ventura's reaction. Classic!

Posted by: Joel Price at Jul 8, 2008 10:58:51 PM

It was a thing of beauty. It will stay on my DVR forever. I'm not sure which was better, the f bomb itself or Ventura's reaction . . . . totally stunned.

Posted by: Phockmun at Jul 8, 2008 11:00:33 PM

Posted here


Posted by: DL Byron at Jul 9, 2008 9:48:02 AM

What did Garmin-Chipotle pay Versus to get them to air a feature of them every single day? Are there no other teams in the race? GC is not even very good. A race director taking Stage 3 off? I don't think Johann Bruyneel would ever do that.

Posted by: thiggins at Jul 9, 2008 11:49:22 AM

I'm shocked, shocked that you might get f-bombs while covering a team car live during an ITT.

We know why GC got their ticket to the Tour. We know that Versus feels pretty stung by cheering on performances only for the riders to go down with a positive sample. So it there are lots of reasons for Vs. to adopt them as the 'home team': lots of access, backs up the Tour de Redemption marketing,e tc.

Posted by: nick s at Jul 10, 2008 9:36:50 AM