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July 07, 2009

Andreu and Armstrong: the history

Frankie Andreu
Frankie Andreu,
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There's one Tour plotline that's playing out right in front of our eyes on Versus every day that may not be noticed by many viewers. Lance Armstrong is being interviewed by Frankie Andreu.

Andreu, an ex-pro and ex-teammate of Armstrong's at US Postal (through 2000), does almost all the Versus rider interviews, but he and Armstrong have sparred in the media and in court over allegations by Andreu's wife that when Lance Armstrong was undergoing treatment for cancer, he admitted to a history using a variety of performance-enhancing drugs (NPR story, Armstrong's response).

Armstrong maintained that Betsy Andreu might have misunderstood a discussion with his doctors, and denied (and has consistently denied) that he ever took any banned drugs.

This accusation is also a big part of the feud Armstrong has had with Greg LeMond, who claims to have heard from another woman who was in the hospital room that day that Armstrong admitted to using banned substances. Stephanie McIlvain has maintained in court that she was in the room, did NOT hear Armstrong make any such admissions, and she has refused to speak to the press about the case.

Armstrong, who won the case for which Andreu was subpoenaed, has seemed personable with Andreu on air so far this year. Anyone with further insight?


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I was thinking the same thing when I saw Andreu interviewing him. Begs the whole question of the relationship between Vs and Lance. I can't believe that Vs has a damn jersey icon on the bottom scrollbar for a single rider(Lance). That's over the top I think, do they kick the other riders in balls after each interview to show them where they stand with respect to Lance? Hey Vs, America now "gets" this race and Lance is a small part of it at this point.

Posted by: DennyBob at Jul 6, 2009 10:00:02 PM

On Saturday when the desk crew said, "now here's Frankie Andreu with Lance" I thought, oh boy this should be good. Lance seemed a mixture of disdain and quiet concentration for the stage ahead.

Posted by: Josh Hallett at Jul 7, 2009 8:51:27 AM