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July 12, 2009

Armstrong says he'll probably return for 2010

Universal Sports | Armstrong: This Tour ‘probably not’ last

Seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong told French television on Sunday that the current Tour is “probably not” the last we'll see of him in the Tour. “Maybe one more Tour,” he said.

The Associated Press article mentions hints that Armstrong might launch his own team for the 2010 season.

Armstrong also said he understands the unwillingness of challengers to attack the Astana squad in the Pyrenees:

“Honestly, if I was Cadel Evans, or Andy Schleck, or Carlos Sastre, I would be waiting,” he added. “I would wait for my moment in the Alps, on Ventoux, whatever, and I would stick it in as hard as I could. I would just pull the knife out and go.”

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I agree with that comment about ventoux for andy, evans, and sastre but what about menchov is he come to ride the tour de france he has a lot of time to claw back and just one big attack is not going to do it for him I think toumalet he should have gone

Posted by: Sheriff at Jul 14, 2009 1:00:41 AM

Lance Armstrong is definitely among the most elite of athletes, and he's a legend in sport, and will be for a long time to come. Even if this is a bit maudlin, people exhort basketball players and footballers, but come on - it isn't like they're biking over 100 miles a day....uphill! Seven or eight years in a row. But the one thing I really don't want to see Lance Armstrong do is to keep coming back when he doesn't have a shot at winning. There have been countless athletes that did that in their respective sports past the point where they should have packed it in, and it gets a little depressing for their fans. Like Ali, he probably should have retired after the third fight with Joe Frazier, but he kept unretiring and by the time he fought his last fight, the sings of brain damage we're already there - and it was just heartbreaking. Some contend that the same situation is unfolding with Brett Favre - after he was with the Packers for so many years and breaking scores of NFL records, he retired, got injured halfway through the season with the Jets, and now he wants to go play for the Vikings. Which, of course, is a knife in the back to the Packers - Minnesota's bitter rivals, and he has about another week to report for training camp, but I think by now the guy has enough money and long time fans of his don't want to see him get worse and worse. Same thing with Lance Armstrong - there has to be a point at which you hang up the boots...or tires, I guess in his case. A retirement at just the right moment is hard to judge accurately, but some people manage to do it. (Martin Johnson, John Elway.)
It would really not befit an athlete of such exceptional quality to keep trying to win a race which he has won so many times before but isn't capable of winning anymore, although he may be able to win it again in 2010 - who knows? I just don't want to see someone like Lance Armstrong become a joke, the guy deserves way better.

Posted by: AnnanAmos at Jul 22, 2009 6:51:02 PM