June 28, 2005

Provisional start list complete

procycling | Tour start list just about set

We're good to go with 189 riders this year -- procycling offers a text listing of all 21 provisional start lists, so barring accidents or doping suspensions, that's who will take the start on Saturday.

Cycling4All has the same information in table form.

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June 27, 2005

Tour previews coming hot and heavy

IHT.com | Cycling: Who will succeed Lance Armstrong?

James Raia Communications - Tour de France Preview

RoadCycling.com | Prediction: Armstrong will not win seven

Eurosport.com | Tour 2005: Polka-dot fever | Tour 2005: Green Jersey Guide

The Tour previews are everywhere today, and it's only going to get better: We've got Samuel Abt on Armstrong's greatest challengers (focused on Ivan Basso of CSC) and who will assume the throne once he's gone.

James Raia, co-author of Tour de France for Dummies, will be kicking off his 9th year covering the Tour from on the scene, and e-mailing (free!) his Tour de France Times to subscribers (subscribe here).

RoadCycling.com's David Cohen says there's just no way Armstrong pulls it off: He says there are too many gunslingers looking for this particular notch in their belt; somebody is bound to find the right combination to make it happen.

And Eurosport previews two of the races within a race: The polka-dot climber's jersey, and the sprinter's green jersey.


thepaceline.com (free reg. req.) | Fresh Brew

Chris Brewer predicts Armstrong, Ullrich, Basso in the overall, but goes more out on a limb suggesting CSC's Jens Voigt as a dark horse candidate for the climber's jersey.

BiciRace.com | Tour de France Preview

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